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Hello Amazing TOW Parents! 

We are approaching PTA board elections and many of our current board are moving on due to two-year term limits set by the National PTA. It’s time for nominations and new people for next year. Chances are you know one of the board members already, don’t hesitate to ask them about any position available. If you don’t know anyone, that’s an even better reason to join and bring some friends!!

Positions available for next year:

President currently held by Sarah Durand
Are you organized and like delegating? Over-seeing committees and collaborating on school projects and all things PTA? Look no further, this job is for you!!

Executive Vice President currently held by Christine Sarkisian
Great position, so glad you asked about it! You support the president and bring food to meetings. Of course aspirations of becoming President are encouraged but we can work up to that.

Treasurer currently held by Laura Jumani
Do you like numbers, spreadsheets and long walks with your calculator? Treasurer is calling your name! This integral role needs its soul mate, are you the lucky one?

Financial Secretary currently held by Danielle Roedersheimer
Easy Peasy, make deposits to the bank and help the Treasurer when needed. Maybe someday you could be Treasurer, think about it.

Secretary currently held by Kelly Osborne
Laptop by your side, knowing everyone’s business. Come to the meetings and type your little heart out!

Auditor currently held by Aegea Lee
Twice a year look over our financial records. Be a Boss! Make sure the books are in order, i’s dotted at t’s are crossed!

Historian currently held by Kristin Weaver-Greengard
Log all of our volunteer hours, that’s it! I know, Crazy right?

Parliamentarian currently held by Alex Cattan
This is where the magic happens! Keeping time of our meetings, making sure procedure is followed, snuggling up with your very own copy of the bylaws. It’s pretty awesome. Yup, I think you want to be Parliamentarian!

All kidding aside, WE NEED YOU!! TOW PTA helps with so much, we’re all here for our kids and try to have as much fun as possible while doing it. Meetings are once a month, hope to see you in any capacity! 

For Board Member positions, any interest, questions, concerns etc. Please reach out to Alex Cattan at alcattan@aol.com

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