Do Good Things for Kids – Donate to TOW PTA!

Thank you for supporting TOW PTA!  Donations of any amount are always appreciated.

Your donation helps support our programs

Top of the World’s PTA programs are designed to promote and support community and parental involvement in our school and in the lives of our children.

Some of the programs provided previously through your generous support include:
After-School Program
Art Master Program
Garden & Outdoor Classroom
Kids Run the OC
Reflections Art Contest
Staff Appreciation Week
Talent Show

How would you like to see your money spent?

If you have a new idea for a program to benefit our students, please share it with us or join us at the next PTA meeting.

I already donate to SchoolPower, why should I give to PTA as well?

SchoolPower funds critical programs for our school, including K-3 class size reduction, technology, the K-5 music program, the Spanish language curriculum, and individual teacher grants. These programs are separate from the programs that TOW PTA provides. Your support of both organizations helps make TOW an amazing school!

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