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We are required to gather all volunteer hours for TOW PTA to maintain our non-profit status. This information also helps to acknowledge what a powerful force parents can be when active in schools!

We know that you all check in with the front office when you volunteer at the school (right?!), but many parents work on PTA stuff at home, create projects on the computer, make phone calls, run errands, pick up supplies, and attend the PTA meetings (or forget to sign in at the office when working in the classroom!). ALL of these tasks count as volunteer time.

We want to record your ALL of your volunteer hours, so if you do PTA work beyond what’s recorded with the front office, please email our PTA Historian, Kristen Weaver-Greengard at with the following information:

  1. Your first and last name
  2. Approximate month of volunteering
  3. Project(s) you worked on
  4. Hours volunteered
  5. Please include, in advance, estimated volunteer time for March, April, May & June, as well. Estimates and approximations are fine.

Remember that Jogathon, Book Swap, and Staff Appreciation events are all coming up. Please count the time you plan to invest!


PTA thanks you for all your hard work!

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